Things Everyone Will Be Wearing 2018

Things everyone will be wearing in 2018!

The human race has shaped the world to its convenience, we have created and evolved ourselves and our environment too trying (and succeeding) to fulfill our needs and make our lives more comfortable, those needs are not the same we were trying to satisfy a couple of centuries ago, as we evolved so our need has done it.

Right now, we need technology, clothes, accessories that didn’t exists in the past, and the industries are always innovating, trying to deliver us more than we need, each year we receive notice about what we’ll have available and we all wait for it, it is exciting!.

What is coming

Two of the most expected categories are clothes, shoes, accessories and technology, are two different groups but in a certain way they can work together, most people always want to wear the latest tendencies and we can have fashioned technology and what is coming is huge.

The tendencies of this year is about very visible accessories, big earrings, multiple necklaces, golden shoes, golden, big, transparent purses, the major fashion companies are delivering their new products and are oriented to be flashy.

About technology, this year we’ll see how smart devices take control, many things in our homes will be controlled by our smartphone, our cell phones are becoming in amazing devices, not only for making calls and send text messages, but for using Internet whenever we needed, nowadays, if we have an accident on the road, we can use our phone to search a tow truck service company online, like and ask for help, in 2018 you will be able to turn on your washing machine just using your cell phone

Most expected smartphones for 2018

This year come to us several smartphones like:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ they will have upgraded features and dual photography system.
  • Xiaomi Mi 7 this is widely expect in 2018, the previous version, the Xiaomi Mi 6 was one of best because of its quality-price relation.
  • Huawei P20 it will offer an amazing photograph experienced.
  • Sony Xperia it will have a modern appearance without screen frames, besides a very complete set of features.
  • Google Pixel 3 the previous version, Pixel 2, was a very  good phone, so this one is very expected.
  • LG G7 it will have an iris scanner, this will be an excellent option this year.
  • Nokia 9 a very good phone which is not so.expensive

Accessories that you will love this year

In 2018 you will love this accessories:

  • Shiny clothes
  • Pastel tone accessories
  • Platform shoes
  • Transparent shoes
  • Transparent bags
  • Golden shoes and bags
  • Big and flashy earrings

Hot Summer Style Women

Hot Summer Style for Women 2018

Summer is about fun and long hot days. What better way to enjoy it than feeling attractive? This season is when we want to feel sexier but feeling sexy is not something that is always easily achieved and in this hot season there are trends that mark the summer and give us an opportunity to feel comfortable and confident.


We can take what we like from each trend and make it our own enjoying every moment of fashion, this 2018 represents in general a soft, asymmetric style with many tones that favor us.

A summer without swimsuits is not a complete summer

First it is necessary to highlight what we like about our body, feel comfortable with clothes, enjoy fashion and express ourselves freely. The bikinis and  swim dress reign altogether this 2018, colors like yellow, red, turquoise, prints; Tropical, flowered and striped and very deep necklines are the perfect choice for a super sexy style.

On the other hand, the ultra feminine and asymmetric style stands out with a great strength, with well marked high waists, transparencies and flown. Some of the pieces you can wear are: a fitted tee with billowy pants, basket bags make every extra summer outfit, A breezy sundress, Go hands-free with a bum bag, bare shoulders, colored pants and shirts or tops of the same tone , pastel colors such as light blue, violet and yellow.

Going into more detail we can highlight some of the most important points we should look:
The floral prints are a perfect option to give a sexy but soft style to any look, garments of this type can not miss in your closet, try to highlight the area that you like most about your body because these types of shapes are perfectly suited to carry attention to where we want it most.

Marking the difference of the floral style they continue in tendency the embroideries and the stripes for each type of garment, if we know how to handle this style we will create the focus of perfect attention giving to our look a strong appearance.

A very important piece of fashion for this year is the denim comes broken and fringed, in combination with socks that are visible.

And finally, what would a summer be without dresses? Encourage yourself to see yourself sexy and without excesses with asymmetric dresses, with transparencies and very soft fabrics.

Hair Color Ideas

Best Hair Color Ideas in 2018

Dying your hair a new color is a perfect way of renewing your style: the right dye can have amazing effects in the way you look, but sometimes it’s just not easy to choose which color to use. There are so many options, both regarding colors and styles: would you go for a full dye, a mix of colors, or just get highlights? What color would look better in short and long hair?


If you can’t make up your mind, keep reading to find the best hair color ideas in 2018!

Intense black

If you have a light skin tone and not-so-dark natural hair, try out dying it an intense shade of black. The dark hair will bring a nice gloss to your hair and highlight your facial features because of the contrast with your skin tone. If you choose this shade for your hair, choose also intense colors for your lipstick and you look like a complete femme fatale!


This shade, the complete opposite of an intense black tone, looks especially well if you go for a pixie cut or in general short hair, but will also look nice in long, straight hair. Bleach your hair almost completely and go for a clean tone of silver or platinum. If you want a nice contrast, then retain some of your natural roots under your silver hair.

Blonde with contrasting roots

This style looks extremely well if you have dark brown natural hair: dye your hair blonde, but retain part of your roots in your natural color. This contrast will look fierce and add a powerful touch to your look. Another thing to note is that this style requires less maintenance, because you have to worry less about your roots.



This fantasy color is one of the most popular right now, and goes extremely well with short to medium length hair, contrasting nicely with any skin tone too. It’s easy to apply if you get a do-it-yourself formula, and the best part about dying your hair purple is that it does not require you to bleach your hair first: no matter if you have light or dark natural hair, dying it purple will make you look exotic and not require a lot of setup and maintenance.


Light pink

This tone has been gaining momentum in younger people, and will therefore give you a young and relaxed look to renew your style without worrying too much about it. This light pink color, reminiscent of cotton candy, oscillates between pink and a pale tone, and looks better in wavy or curly, short hair.


Subtle dye

Finally, you can also go for a dye tone that looks almost exactly like yours, just one or two tones lighter, and dye the lower half of your hair this tone. This subtle change will make your hair look exotic and add attractiveness to it, while retaining a shade similar to your natural hair.

Short Hairstyles Trends 2018

Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Short Hair in 2018

Your hairstyle is just as important as the makeup you choose to use, and the clothing you choose to wear. In fact, it might even be more important as the first way you express your personality and what defines your identity. Not only this, but a short hairstyle also implies less time spent combing, brushing and taking care of your hair.


Short hairstyles are becoming a trend on the rise in 2018, and you can’t miss out on this opportunity to get a fresh and renewed style! You can find a list of our favorite short hairstyles and haircuts below, to help you choose your own new haircut.

Spiked hair

A cool trend is to have your hair cut very short to the sides and spike the top, achieving a fresh look that goes and feels well in warm places.

Long fringe hairstyle

An alternative hairstyle that mixes short and long hair is to have your hair cut short, while keeping a long side fringe to get the best of both worlds.

Layered, messy bob haircut

Asymmetry is trending! This hairstyle strives to look fresh and young, and will stand out in casual settings. Mix it with highlights or dye your hair for a complete transformation!

Short pixie hairstyle

This hairstyle has been made popular by certain actresses and singers as of late, and is a great touch if you’re looking for an elegant and attractive style that will suit every setting and is easy to keep, no matter your hair color.

Short wavy hairstyle

Waves also go in short hairstyles, no matter if your hair is naturally wavy or you choose to wave it. Waves are always attractive and look exotic, especially if you pair them with Californian highlights or similar coloring styles.

Wild, asymmetric style

If you want an extreme makeover and have no limits, look for an exotic color (think dark red, purple, light blue) and go wild on your hair! Look for your own hairstyle, with a mix of short and not-so-short sides, and other touches. The beauty of this style is that it’s unique, so make sure it matches you and your outfits!


An interesting and fresh trend is to mix a short haircut in natural or clear tones with a braid, at the top or to a side of your hair. Braids must be easily visible and be well-done in order to stand out, and you will need to spend an extra amount of time each day taking care of your style for it to look just right, but the result is definitely worth it.

Short curls

Similar to waves, curls add style and volume to your hair and your outfit, it doesn’t matter how you achieve them. Another nice touch of curls is that they require little care in terms of beauty products: just let them be, and you will have a perfect style right out of bed!