Things Everyone Will Be Wearing 2018

Things everyone will be wearing in 2018!

The human race has shaped the world to its convenience, we have created and evolved ourselves and our environment too trying (and succeeding) to fulfill our needs and make our lives more comfortable, those needs are not the same we were trying to satisfy a couple of centuries ago, as we evolved so our need has done it.

Right now, we need technology, clothes, accessories that didn’t exists in the past, and the industries are always innovating, trying to deliver us more than we need, each year we receive notice about what we’ll have available and we all wait for it, it is exciting!.

What is coming

Two of the most expected categories are clothes, shoes, accessories and technology, are two different groups but in a certain way they can work together, most people always want to wear the latest tendencies and we can have fashioned technology and what is coming is huge.

The tendencies of this year is about very visible accessories, big earrings, multiple necklaces, golden shoes, golden, big, transparent purses, the major fashion companies are delivering their new products and are oriented to be flashy.

About technology, this year we’ll see how smart devices take control, many things in our homes will be controlled by our smartphone, our cell phones are becoming in amazing devices, not only for making calls and send text messages, but for using Internet whenever we needed, nowadays, if we have an accident on the road, we can use our phone to search a tow truck service company online, like and ask for help, in 2018 you will be able to turn on your washing machine just using your cell phone

Most expected smartphones for 2018

This year come to us several smartphones like:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ they will have upgraded features and dual photography system.
  • Xiaomi Mi 7 this is widely expect in 2018, the previous version, the Xiaomi Mi 6 was one of best because of its quality-price relation.
  • Huawei P20 it will offer an amazing photograph experienced.
  • Sony Xperia it will have a modern appearance without screen frames, besides a very complete set of features.
  • Google Pixel 3 the previous version, Pixel 2, was a very  good phone, so this one is very expected.
  • LG G7 it will have an iris scanner, this will be an excellent option this year.
  • Nokia 9 a very good phone which is not so.expensive

Accessories that you will love this year

In 2018 you will love this accessories:

  • Shiny clothes
  • Pastel tone accessories
  • Platform shoes
  • Transparent shoes
  • Transparent bags
  • Golden shoes and bags
  • Big and flashy earrings